Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 2.02.34 PM I wasn’t one of those girls that always knew she wanted to be a mommy. Actually before I married my husband I told him that I didn’t want children and if he wasn’t ok with that then we shouldn’t get married. He said he understood and we got married.

We bought a house. We adopted a dog-hter. We were content.

Then his brother and sister-in-law had twin girls. We both fell in love with our nieces from the moment we saw them. More than we even realized could be possible and decided that maybe… just maybe… we might want that too. Not twins! But a baby.

Fast forward 5 years later.

We’re pregnant. We just found out yesterday.

Everyone told us that it would take a while and we shouldn’t worry if it didn’t happen too soon. My doctor said not to worry unless it’s been more than 12 months. We were prepared for it to take a long time. But two months later, seeing “pregnant” on the pee stick was crazy. I’m still a little in shock. Husband drove me straight to the doctor’s to take another test.

Still pregnant. 4 weeks.

Needless to say we’re happy, excited but totally freaked! That’s normal right?

Let the hapa-ness begin.


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