Oliver’s Birth Story

1374786_10151637665191770_1229388708_nMy last entry was on October 11 and 2 days later, Oliver was born on October 13th! He surprised us and came 2 weeks early just a day shy of 38 weeks. Today is his 1 month birthday and I finally have a moment to blog. Needless to say, our lives have changed forever.

Here is his birth story.


On Sat night (10/12/13) contractions started and progressed through the night to about 6-7 mins apart. On Sunday morning (10/13/13) my water broke but it wasn’t a gush, it was like a dribble so I wasn’t sure but Todd insisted on taking me to hospital anyways. The whole time I was in triage I was sure they would laugh, call us newbies and send us home but they confirmed my water broke and I was 3cm dilated 90% effaced so moved me to L&D room where I labored for 4 hrs only to get to 4cm.

Since the external monitors weren’t consistent enough for my dr she decided to use internal heart rate monitor and contraction monitor. I also had a catheter and another tube to replace lost amniotic fluid in me too. Next I was gonna get pitocin but they tried to give me epidural first. Anesthesiologist stuck me 4x but every time I sat up Baby’s heart rate would drop so they told me to lay on my side in fetal position but each time epidural never took. My bottom half never got numb. Then one contraction, his heart rate dropped to 40 and didn’t go back up.

All the sudden dr told Todd (he was the closest to it) to push the red Code C (C=Crashing) button on the wall and they raced me down the hall to OR. Now my dr is a very mellow person but she was running and kicking doors so I knew it was serious. I was out under general anesthesia (since there was no time to get localized anesthesia). There wasn’t even time for Todd to put on scrubs to come with me so he had to wait in recovery. Todd told me that I was in surgery for about only 10 minutes before they brought Oliver to see him. Dr said he came out of me screaming which is a good thing! They said the reason heart rate kept dropping was the umbilical cord was wrapped around neck, lack of amniotic fluid made it less buoyant and each contraction was like pulling it tighter around his neck. I stayed in surgery for another hour while they stitched me up. I came to about 45 minutes after they wheeled me into recovery room. I stayed at hospital for 2.5 days.

My only regrets are that Todd wasn’t in the delivery room with me, he did not get to cut the cord and I did not get to hear my baby enter the world. Not exactly my “birth plan” but Baby Oliver is here and healthy so that’s all that really matters.



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