Appt #7 and #8

I need to play a little catch up with our doctor appointments so you all get a 2-for today!

Appointment #7 – September 23
Per the usual at every appointment, Keri, OB nurse, took my weight (+1lb), blood pressure (normal), asked for urine sample (normal) and then we waited for Dr. Chong. We talked about my GD food journal and she told me me NO MORE JAPANESE FOOD b/c there was one day that I just really wanted some rice, chow mein, tempura and teriyaki chicken and my blood sugar was 175!! I’m suppose to be <130. Oops. After the "lecture" she swabbed my hooha for Group B Strep. It wasn’t anything worse than a PAP. I’ll find out at the next appointment if it’s positive or negative. If it’s positive, all they have to do is give me antibiotics before labor so that Baby Boy doesn’t contract it when he is being delivered. No biggie. As always she checked my fundal height (on schedule) and Baby Boy’s heart beat (135 bpm). I love hearing his heart beat…

Appointment #8 – September 30
We drove to Kaiser Anaheim Kraemer instead of Kaiser Lakewood (where we see Dr. Chong) for a growth scan to see how big Baby Boy is. Since I have GD I guess it’s pretty standard. For these ultrasounds they want you to have a full bladder so I drank 24oz of water 1 hr before coming in and I had to pee REALLY bad. Our tech, Debbie, was very nice and took a few cervical measurements via ultrasound and then said I could pee since she didn’t need a full bladder for the other parts. Aaawwwww…! We found out Baby Boy is measuring 3 days early (new EDD 10/25) and weighs about 6lbs 6oz +- 15oz so I guess he could be 5lbs or 7lbs with that margin of error. Then Debbie let us see him on the screen for a few minutes towards the end. He’s curled up in a ball and I can see why I keep getting jabbed on the right side b/c that’s where his foot is. He’s running outta room in there but Debbie said my fluid levels still look good so I hope he will keep cooking for a few more weeks. I would really like to get to 39+ weeks before delivering.

36 week Ultrasound

36 week Ultrasound

Next appointment:  Oct 8 @ 3:50pm


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