Appt #7

Actually I’ve been kinda slacking on blogging about my OBGYN appointments.
It’s probably more like Appt #10.
Since I have gestional diabetes (GD), I have OB appointments every 2 weeks now.


My OB nurse, Keri, did her usual routine – check urine, weighed me, took my blood pressure, confirmed my known allergies etc. This time she also asked me if I wanted to flu shot. I get it every year so I said sure. Todd also got one too. That was nice of them to ask him so he could get it done at the same time.

Dr. Chong also did her usual routine. Checked my GD journal and told me sugars look good and I can continue on with diet control vs being on insulin (whew!), weight gain looks good, fundal height measuring on schedule at 33 weeks, Baby Boy’s heart rate is 145 BPM (normal) etc. We also talked a little about testing for Group B Strep at my next appointment. She kinda compared it to getting a PAP smear. That test does not sound fun. Then I asked her if it was normal that my hands and fingers are kinda numb and achy lately. At first I thought it was b/c I had the pertussis shot (left arm) but it wasn’t just my left hand. She said it might be some fluid retention/swelling so I guess no more rings until after Baby Boy is born. Since I have GD, she ordered a growth scan for 36 weeks to see how big Baby Boy is b/c a C-Section is a potential option if he’s bigger than average which can happen if you have GD. We talked a little about labor and delivery too. I have to admit I’m kinda scared! I did tell her that I am not against an epidural…

Next appointment: September 23rd @ 320pm


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