33 weeks

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 7.38.52 AM

How far along: 33 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: +32.2 lbs (-0.4 lbs from last week)
How big is Baby Osborn: size of a pineapple (via Baby Center)
Sleep: daily afternoon naps, interrupted night sleep b/c I have to pee, weird dreams and Baby Boy kicks me all night long!
Movement: YES! It’s getting stronger everyday. Baby Osborn loves to flip, kick, roll, punch, jab and has crazy hiccups all day!
Food cravings: fried zucchini (GD friendly and probably helps my french fry craving)
Gender: BOY!!
Symptoms: no morning sickness (yay!), fatigue, cramping while running, tailbone pain when I sit in one place too long, charlie horses, gestational diabetes, hands and fingers are achy/numb (new)
Activity: pilates and walking dog
Best moment last week: Baby Boy and I ran our last race together – Disneyland 10K – on Aug 31st at 7 months pregnant. I promised Daddy that this would be the last one b/c he was really worried but there was nothing to worry about! Baby Boy and I did great! We started slow by walking, enjoyed the company of BRF (Best Run Friend) and the Disney characters around the park and then ran the last 2 miles. And we got so many nice compliments on our “costume”!

1236296_10151561050341770_754512777_n 1003372_10151561084516770_717084824_n


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