Nursery Part 3: A little setback

photo 2 photo 3 I wish this could be Nursery Part 3: Reveal! But instead something totally unexpected happened. And not in a “YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY” way.

We finished the hard part – clearing out bedroom #2 and painting (See Nursery Part 2). All we were doing was hanging up some shelves for a cute little reading nook in the corner. Todd was on the last shelf (of course it was!) when his drill hit a PVC pipe and water shot him in the face like seltzer water at a bad comedy photo11 photo club. For a split second we were in shock before Todd ran outside and turned off our water. Our beautiful nursery was dripping wet, our perfect paint job was bubbling where the water had settled and the carpet was damp as a puddle of water formed. All I could do was cry!

We called a plumber, Jerry, and he explained that it looks like the PVC pipe that Todd hit is attached to our emergency sprinkle system and we were actually really lucky because usually you can’t turn the water off of those pipes. You actually have to call the photo 22 photo 1 fire department and wait for them to come. I can’t imagine how much more water damage there would have been if that would have happened o_O He couldn’t just go to Home Depot to get a replacement PVC pipe b/c it was a CPVC pipe for emergency sprinkler system. So… 18 hours later our water was back on. He had to cut a gaping hole in our wall to fix the pipe and allow the insulation dry to avoid any mold growing before our handyman, Scott, could patch the hole. Luckily our neighbor had a huge industrial fan we could borrow to dry out the insulation faster. So $500 and 5 days later we were able to paint the wall again good as new. Todd just moved the shelves over a few inches to avoid the pipe.

Even though it was not in the “plan”, I guess shit happens.

… and in the end, I still got my little reading nook. Isn’t it adorable?

photo 5


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