Maternity Hospital Tour

Labor & Delivery Room.  Todd is trying out his "bed".

Labor & Delivery Room. Todd is trying out his “bed”.

August is a busy month for me and Todd. Every Monday or Wednesday through September we have some class or informational seminar to attend. Yesterday was our maternity hospital tour. Even though I see Dr. Chong at the La Palma Kaiser, I’ll be delivering at the Anaheim Kraemer Kaiser. It’s the brand new hospital right off the 91 Freeway ironically not on Kraemer Blvd. (Am I the only one that thinks this is funny??)

Our tour started at 4pm and there we met 5 other couples and Lisa Wilson, our tour guide and nurse for the next 45-60 minutes. She showed us exactly what we’d be doing starting from the parking lot. There’s a loading zone in the front where Todd could drop me off but eventually he’d need to move his car to the parking structure. The parking structure has a designated spot for L&D patients so I thought that was nice that he wouldn’t have to circle up and down the rows and levels looking for parking. Then we went on the elevator up to the third floor. Lisa explained that as long as we remember the number 3, we’d be fine! Third Floor and L&D is area 33. The picture above is the L&D room. It’s big and private and doesn’t have that “hospital” feel. I’d be delivering Baby Boy there unless I needed a c-section in which case I’d be delivering in the Surgery. (I guess since I have GD could be a real possibility. Eek!) I really like how Lisa stressed “skin to skin” contact within the first hour of delivery. Unless Baby Boy needs to go to NICU, he stays with me the whole time.

After Baby Boy arrives we’d be moved to smaller Post Partum room. I like that all the rooms are private and you don’t have to share with anyone. In Post Partum, I thought it was cute when Todd asked if children are allowed. Yes they are as long as they are over 3 years old. Yay! Allison and Whitney can come visit me then! They can be under 3 years old ONLY IF they are the sibling of the baby just born. Lisa said depending on how I deliver (vaginally or c-section) will determine how long I’ll be in the hospital. Vaginally is typically 24-48 hours and c-section is 48-72 hours.

The last part of the tour was the cafeteria. Lots of things that Daddy Todd could eat while there.

Overall I was impressed with the facility. Seeing the rooms makes this VERY real to me now. Would you think less of me if I admit that I’m scared…?


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