GD? Me?? There must be some mistake!

glucosedrink I didn’t really think anything of it when I hit 26 weeks and my OBGYN said I needed to come in for a glucose test. I knew it was standard to test every pregnant woman at 26-28 weeks for anemia and gestational diabetes. Since I consider myself healthy and normal BMI, I felt confident I would pass. So I drank the 50mg glucose orange drink (it tasted like Hi-C to me!) and 1 hour later I had my blood drawn. Then I went about my day as normal. A few hours later my blood results came in and the OB nurse called me to say that I had failed the glucose screening test and now I would need to go in for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. WHAT?! ME? FAILED?? Ok no need to panic. I started reading online that 1 out of 3 pregnant women fail the screening test. 1009832_10151495112406770_1438515152_n

So two days later I went back to Kaiser to take the 3 hour test. This test is more comprehensive. This time it was 100mg glucose drink. Can you say Hi-C on crack!?? They had to do 4 blood draws: fasting, 1 hr post glucose drink, 2 hour post glucose drink and 3 hour post glucose drink. I couldn’t leave the hospital. I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I couldn’t walk around. I just sat there for 3 hours… Luckily I brought my current baby project with me to pass the time. Finally after the last blood draw was done (and my arms looked like a drug addict), I went home still confident I would pass. Since it was a Friday, I had to wait until today to get the results.

The test results came back…

Borderline Gestational Diabetes.

Now it was official. I couldn’t deny it. And I cried.

Even though my OBGYN assures me that I didn’t do anything wrong and it has nothing to do with health or BMI, it’s just they way some women’s bodies respond to insulin with pregnancy hormones, I am so upset!

The next step is to take a class at Kaiser to learn how to prick my finger and use a Glucometer to test my blood 4x a day. For someone who hates getting blood drawn, this sucks. I also need to follow a diet plan. If any of the first 4 ingredients is “sugar, corn syrup, honey, fructose or any word ending in -ose”, then I can’t eat it. The more I think about it, the more sad I get. What did I do wrong?

But I just have to keep reminding myself. I am doing it for him.

Baby Boy 3D ultrasound @ 27 weeks

Baby Boy 3D ultrasound @ 27 weeks


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