Appt #6

I saw Dr. Chong yesterday. She cut her hair. It’s very cute.

Nothing too crazy.
– Pee on a stick (negative negative)
– Blood pressure (normal)
– Weighed me and talked about weight gain (she was happy with my weight gain this time! Yay!)
– Gave me instructions for glucose test (testing for anemia and gestational diabetes)
– Talked about getting pertussis booster
– Used doppler to hear Baby Boy’s heart rate (151 bpm!)
– Explained a “kick book” to keep track of Baby Boy’s kicking patterns (will start that at 28 weeks)
– Help us set up pediatrician consult

1011490_10151484269031770_1699982071_nI also asked her about cramping when I run (usually around Mile 1.5-2) and she said I’m probably putting some strain on my round ligament which connects the front part of the womb to groin (the area where legs attach to your pelvis) from the “up and down” motion of running. She suggested getting a maternity band (way ahead of you doc! See picture.), slowing down, run less walk more or doing something lower impact like elliptical. Since I have a 5K this weekend and a 10K at the end of August, I don’t see myself stopping my runs but I’m definitely slowing down and totally ok with walking more than before.

Next appointment: August 26 @ 3:30pm


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