22 weeks

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 8.32.10 AM

How far along: 22 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain: +23.6 lbs (+1.0 lbs from last week)
How big is Baby Osborn: size of a spaghetti squash (via Baby Center)
Sleep: daily afternoon naps, interrupted night sleep b/c I have to pee and having weird dreams!
Movement: YES! It’s getting stronger everyday (esp in the morning when I wake up!). Seems like Baby Osborn likes to hang out on the left side and is starting to do flips too!
Food cravings: Minute Maid light lemonade
Gender: BOY!!
Symptoms: no morning sickness (yay!), fatigue (but getting milder), gassy (tmi?)
Activity: Running and walking dog
Best moment last week: My last day of school was June 20th and one of my coworkers had a Pamper The Teacher Party the day after so I decided to get a prenatal massage. When my massage therapist started massaging my tummy, it was really cool to feel Candy Corn moving with her hands. I think he likes massages as much as mommy does! ♥


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