Appt #3

First I just wanna say…


… to my little brother who turns 32 today! Man, now *I* feel old!

Ok now onto the appointment recap:

Yesterday me, Todd and Candy Corn saw Dr. Chong for our monthly check up.

Nothing too exciting to report. No ultrasound this time (Boo!). Keri, OBGYN nurse, checked my urine sample, weighed me (+1 lb since last month), took my blood pressure and temperature. All normal. Dr. Chong also went over our NT scan with us a little more and let me know that I’ll need to go to the lab and get the last blood draw to complete the pre-natal screening test. I asked her about the rash on my breasts and she said it wasn’t yeast/fungal, possibly heat rash and prescribed hydrocortizone cream (and buying new bras). Hopefully it works quick b/c I’m tired of scratching!

Saving the best for last… Dr Chong used a doppler to measure Candy Corn’s heart rate. It didn’t take her long to find it. Strong and steady at 160bpm. Sweetest sound in the whole world. Almost makes me want to buy my own doppler. I know some pregnant friends that have one. But Todd thinks it’s a waste of money… What a party pooper!

On our way out, Keri, gave us the number to call and schedule our gender ultrasound! *squeal*

Todd and I are SO impatient about finding out! He’s Team Pink. I’m Team Blue!


Next appointment: May 29th @ 10:15am (gender ultrasound!)


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