10 weeks

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.03.02 AM

How far along: 10 weeks 1 days
Total weight gain: 8.2 lbs (+0.6lbs from last week)
How big is Baby Osborn: size of a kumquat (via Baby Center)
Sleep: daily afternoon naps, interrupted night sleep b/c I have to pee and having weird dreams!
Movement: none (yet!)
Food cravings: Party Cake Peeps and ketchup (but not together!)
Gender: N/A
Symptoms: no morning sickness (yay!), fatigued, sensitive breasts, gassy (tmi?), dizzy
Activity: Running, yoga and walking dog
Best moment last week: I rarely shop at Walmart but when I found out that the new limited edition Party Cake Peeps were exclusively at Walmart, I made Todd drive me at 8pm at night. I walked down the candy aisle like 10x looking for those things. Finally found them on the bottom shelf, behind some other random Easter candy. You’d think they’d be with all the other peeps at the aisle end cap right? Nope! Hmmm… Why do I have a feeling that someone was hiding them?? Maybe she’s preggo like me!


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