OWT: Boy or Girl?


It’s still too early for our OB to determine the gender of our little Candy Corn but I thought it would be fun to see what some popular Old Wives Tales (OWT) gender prediction tests say Baby Osborn will be.

Chinese Gender Prediction Test
lunar age+date of conception
Result: Boy

Heart Beat Test
less than 140 bpm = boy
greater than 140 bpm = girl
Result: 140-160 = girl

Baking Soda Urine Test
Fizzle = boy
No Fizzle = girl
Result: girl

Even and Odd Test (Age of mother and year of conception)
if both even or odd = girl
if one even and one odd = boy
Result: age 33, 2013 = girl

Ring Swing Test
Ring swings in a circle = boy
Ring swings side to side = girl
Results: boy

Morning Sickness Test
little to no morning sickness = boy
sick as a dog = girl
Results: boy

Acne Test
Pimple face = girl
little to no acne = boy
Result: boy

Sweet or Salty Test
craving salty foods = boy
craving sweet food = girl
Result: boy

Sympathy Weight Gain Test
spouse gains weight = girl
spouse stays the same weight = boy
Result: boy

Ramzi Gender Method
placenta implants on the right of uterus = boy
placenta implants on the left of uterus = girl
Result: boy

FINAL SCORE= Boy 7 | Girl 3

My next ultrasound will be around 12 weeks for prenatal screening test so maybe we’ll be able to find out then. If not, it’s usually between 16-20 weeks.


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