I ♥ Dad

iheartdad He looks like a combination of scared-happy in this picture doesn’t he? Well it makes sense since I told him I’M PREGNANT and then said “Let’s take a picture!” lol

Ever since me and Hubby decide to start trying I’ve dreamed of how I was gonna tell him. It was gonna be a special private moment. There would probably be some crying and lots of OMGs and long hugs.

Let’s just say that’s not EXACTLY how it went down.

Instead of finding out together, he was chaperoning a school trip in Monterey and I was in San Diego on a racecation with my BRF (best run friend). I knew I was suppose to get my period Sunday, Feb 17th during the Coronado 10K but Sunday and Monday came and nothing. On our way home from San Diego we decided to stop by Target. How can you not when it has a huge red bullseye that begs you to come in? She casually mentioned that since we’re here I should just get a pregnancy test. I didn’t really think about it and said sure. The plan was for me to take it in the bathroom, put it right back in the box and when I got home, Todd and I could read it together. Pregnant or Not Pregnant, at least we’d find out together.

But no one tells you that there’s a fine art to “peeing on a stick”. I peed. It ricocheted off the stick and while I was cleaning myself up, I read “pregnant” before I could even put it back in the box! All the sudden I burst out of the bathroom and shoved the pee stick in my BRF’s face and said “WHAT DOES THIS SAY? WHAT DOES THIS SAY!?!?!” “OMG, it says pregnant. You’re pregnant!”

The ride home was a mixture of excited chatter and stunned silence. When we were approaching the Carlsbad Outlets, she said “Let’s buy a Onsie!” We looked around Carter’s and Osh Kosh B’gosh trying to find something gender neutral. I had already bought Todd a sweater from Banana Republic when we went to the Outlets on the way up to San Diego, so I rolled the onsie up in the sweater and put it in his bag.

When I came home, I gave him a hug and casually mentioned that I put his sweater (bag) in his room and he should try it on to see if it fit while I grabbed my other bags out of the car. I came into the house as he was unfolding his sweater and the onsie rolled out. “Hey, that’s cute. Is that for the nieces?” (FYI My twin nieces are 3 years old and would not fit a onsie. haha) I replied “No….” and pointed at him. “Wait, what? I’m the daddy? You’re pregnant? YOU’RE PREGNANT! I’M A DADDY!”

Best reaction ever. ♥


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